New ‘This Is Us’ photos show that Kevin might be getting his act together

New pictures are out for Season 2 of This Is Us and it does look like Kevin Pearson could be doing better.

NBC shared photos of the next episode of This Is Us and it does give a few hints about what is going to happen when the show returns on to NBC on January 9, 2018. First off, it is obvious that young Kate has a touching moment with her dad Jack. It looks like the family may take a camping trip. Jack will also be seen spending some time with Kevin alone in the car. Maybe they will explain a bit more about why Kevin is the man he is today.

Randall and Beth are dealing with the aftermath of their daughter being in the car with Kevin when he got arrested for a DUI. It looks like this is going to be a difficult time, but Kevin is seen looking like he got his act together.

Kevin, Randall and Kate are seen in a touching moment where they seem to be bonding. Kevin coming back together with his family is what he needs to heal. When Kevin was battling his addiction hard, he wasn’t taking care of himself. He has a fresh look, shaved his face and appears to be working on himself. Maybe getting arrested with his niece in the car was enough to make him realize it was time to shape up. Now, you have to wonder if he will tell Sophie the truth and end up getting back together with her.

Make sure you don’t miss This Is Us when it returns to NBC on January 9, 2018.

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