‘This Is Us’ showrunner teases a new big three joining the show

Things could really be changing on This Is Us as Dan Fogelman is teasing a new big three. The fans love watching Kate, Kevin and Randall Pearson.

Fans already see the big three at three different ages. Now it sounds like there will be a fourth one added to it. Dan Fogelman went to his Twitter to explain what could be happening next because of what they are filming now. It has to be hard to find three different people that can play such important parts.

The show won’t air a new episode until next week, but they are already filming. Dan explained that everyone is going to get to meet the new big three. So what could that mean? My guess is that it is in the future. We have already seen them at two different stages of being children and then of course as adults. It sounds like the next logical step would be to show the big three when they are older and give everyone a glimpse into the future.

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The fans on Twitter are also guessing that it will be a time jump that we will see on the show. Nobody knows for sure, but the fans are going to just have to wait and see. Regardless, everyone will be meeting a new big three very soon. He also didn’t share who this guest star is that he is teasing, but the fans can’t wait for that detail to come out! They have had a few great ones already on the show.

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