Chrissy Metz teases “shocking and heartbreaking” season three finale

Chrissy Metz warns that the season three finale of This Is Us will be “shocking and heartbreaking,” leaving fans wondering what to expect going forward.

The This Is Us season three finale is only four weeks away and there is plenty of speculation about what to expect in these last few episodes. Tonight’s episode, entitled “The Graduates,” will see the Big Three graduating from high school, while the present day Big Three work through changes in their own lives. Kevin secretly struggles with a relapse into addiction, Randall gets surprising news about Deja, and Kate has a baby shower which seems to be cut short by a medical emergency. Considering episode 15 is called “Waiting Room,” it’s fairly likely that Kate’s storyline and the outcome of her pregnancy will be left a cliffhanger to be resolved next week.

Episode 15 is that big, intense episode where the entire cast got together for a rare table read. This is the “episode so intense that our cast called for it,” according to series creator Dan Fogelman. Metz teases that the outcome is going to be challenging for everyone, but that “it’s not what anybody suspects.” All hope is not lost, however, as Metz also promises that “there is joy at the end of it all.” So far so good.

Here is where things get a little scary. Metz is the queen of vague, frightening hints and her reaction to the season finale is a doozy of a tease. “When I read the finale, there are a couple of things that happened that I was devastated reading,” says Metz. “I’m like, ‘What does this mean? Why? Who wrote this? For what?’ I was sort of up in arms.” I’m up in arms just reading her comments about the finale. What does this even mean, Chrissy? I guess the writers and showrunners will have some explaining to do when all is said and done. In any case, Metz says the finale will act as a sort of turning point for where the characters are going as individuals moving forward. “And I don’t know if I’m ready. I do not know.”

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Neither do we. I don’t think any of us are ready for what’s coming, and I don’t think any amount of fan theories or speculation or hinted spoilers can do anything to prepare us. I think the only thing we can absolutely count on in these last five episodes is tears. Lots and lots of tears.

Episode 14 of This Is Us, “The Graduates,” premieres tonight, Tuesday March 5 at 9pm ET on NBC.

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