This Is Us: the fan theory about Kate and the baby that has us wrecked

Tensions are running high ramping up to tonight’s special episode of This Is Us as the fate of Kate and her baby are in question. Fan theories run wild, with one especially having fans worried.

Last week on This Is Us, Kate’s water broke as she was driving Kevin to a local AA meeting following the revelation of his relapse. Too drunk to drive Kate to the hospital, Kevin called an ambulance as the family rushed to the hospital to await news of Kate’s condition.

Not only is Kate facing a high risk pregnancy due to her age and weight, but her water broke only 28 weeks into that pregnancy, which is far too early. Now the family gathers in the hospital waiting room, keeping an hours long vigil as Kate’s fate and that of her baby remains undecided.

Following last week’s episode, fans began theorizing in earnest about what will happen with Kate and the baby. Clues have been dropped all season by star Chrissy Metz, showrunner Isaac Aptaker, and creator Dan Fogelman, but nothing more than fuel for the fire. My own personal theory is that Kate and the baby will both live, but that the baby will be born with some kind of birth defect. But a frightening theory recently published by Screenrant feels all too likely and almost inevitable.

Screenrant suggests that the baby will live but Kate will die, and that Toby must make the final, terrible call to save one or the other. Knowing Kate’s determination that her son must live, Toby would make the decision to save the baby over Kate. The article points out that this would explain a lot about those flash forwards that sees Toby in bed and sans wedding ring, with Kate’s side seemingly unslept in. This would also explain why Toby is reluctant to face Rebecca, especially if she might blame him for the death of her daughter.

The theory fits the facts so well that it feels all too likely. Of course, if it goes the opposite way, with Toby choosing to save Kate rather than the baby, that could be a reason that Kate and Toby’s marriage doesn’t work out. It wouldn’t explain why Rebecca might have something against Toby in the future though, unless its only for Kate’s sake. In any case, Screenrant’s theory has me worried, as I’m sure many fans are.

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I’m not even convinced we’ll get a resolution to Kate’s situation by the end of this episode. I’d be prepared for another potential cliffhanger leading into next week’s episode. Season 3 episode 16 is called “Don’t Take My Sunshine Away,” which does have an aura of loss to the title, or at least the potential of loss. Even if the baby survives tonight’s episode, as a premature infant his continued survival can hardly be certain. Perhaps another vigil takes place following the conclusion of “The Waiting Room.”

What are your fan theories about tonight’s episode? Will Kate and the baby make it? Does Screenrant have it right? Find out on This Is Us tonight, Tuesday, March 12 at 9pm ET on NBC.

Source: Screenrant

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