This Is Us promo analysis: season 3 episode 17 “R&B”

Things are looking pretty intense for our favorite “relationship goals” couple R&B. As the pair face off, the promo for next week’s This Is Us promises a look back on the couple’s first meeting and relationship history.

Apparently Randall and Beth’s issues run pretty deep, because next week’s This Is Us promo starts off with Beth saying that they’ve been having the same fight since they met. If this is true, it doesn’t seem like an issue that is likely to ever get resolved or to change, especially if whatever is causing the fight keeps happening. The questions is whether they can either change their patterns or learn to live with them.

The promo shows scenes of the mixer where Randall and Beth first met, scenes of adult Randall and Beth kissing on a window seat, scenes from their wedding where Randall tells her, “You are all I’m ever going to need.” They happily hop down the aisle and share their first dance.

Back in the present, Randall tells Beth that he is “killing himself because he wants her to have her own life.” Beth absolutely does not believe this, telling him, “No you don’t!” It seems that Beth thinks that Randall’s motives for supporting her are less altruistic than simply wanting her happiness. During the waiting room episode, Randall told her “If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.” Beth thought that was a selfish way of putting it and didn’t appreciate the apparent meaning behind the statement. Maybe this all boils down to Randall’s try-hard support and the lack of conviction behind it.

Beth tells Randall that she is not going to give up what she loves. “Now what,” she demands as Randall looks shook. A montage of past moments between them fly by, including more from their wedding, some from the proposal, and one where Rebecca puts a supportive hand on Beth’s shoulder. The text over the promo states, “In every relationship there is a choice that must be made.” Could that be the choice to stay together? Because that looks like what’s at stake here.

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Will R&B stay together? Either way, we get an all new episode filled with beautiful R&B moments in next week’s This Is Us. Catch it Tuesday, March 26 at 9pm ET on NBC. Only two more episodes left in the season!

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