This Is Us Season 4, Episode 10: How to watch live, what to expect

This Is Us returns to NBC tonight for its midseason premiere. Here’s what to expect and how to watch Season 4, Episode 10 live.

It’s been nearly two months since we last saw a new episode of This Is Us, so we are thrilled that Season 4 is back tonight! Last time we saw the Pearson family, everyone, including Uncle Nicky, was gathered at Randall and Beth’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the fall finale was a flash-forward scene that revealed Kevin has a pregnant fiancée, Randall and Kevin aren’t on speaking terms, and Rebecca’s health has deteriorated.

So what can viewers expect to cry to tonight?

Kevin searches for romance

NBC’s synopsis for Episode 10, entitled “Light and Shadows,” hints of Kevin beginning his search for romance. The first half of Season 4 featured Kevin watching out for Uncle Nicky while also getting involved with Cassidy Sharp (Jennifer Morrison). During Thanksgiving, Kevin told Randall that he wants to start a family by his 40th birthday – Aug. 31, 2020, which will mark the start of the already-confirmed Season 5.

Obviously fans have jumped to the idea that Kevin and Cassidy end up together, but so far we don’t have any solid evidence to back it up. New speculation began over the weekend when Dan Fogelman revealed Sophia Bush will recur in the back end of Season 4 as someone involved in Kevin’s new storyline. Will Bush’s character end up being Kevin’s future wife?

Expect to see Kevin begin his journey to what is hopefully his “happily ever after” starting tonight.

Kate meets Toby’s Crossfit friends?

The fall finale yielded a few questions we didn’t want to ask, with one of those being, “Is Toby cheating on Kate?” It may be an extreme assumption considering Kate only knows of one text message from “LadyKryptonite5” in which the mystery woman tries advising Toby on how to handle his personal life.

As I questioned before – is this a matter of Toby not having anything to hide and wants Kate to meet his new friends? Or does Kate go out of her way to find his friends all on her own? The official trailer for this week’s episode includes a clip of Toby telling Kate that she’s not crazy for feeling him pull away (sigh). These two have a lot to figure out this season.

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Randall heads to LA

This week’s episode will be highlighted the beginning of figuring out what exactly is going on with Rebecca. We know that Randall will travel to Los Angeles to accompany Miguel in taking Rebecca to a doctor’s appointment. This Is Us producers have noted in interviews not to expect an official diagnosis right away, but it’s clear that the journey to finding answers starts today.

This Is Us loves all of you, John Legend

Oh, it’s true. Award-winning musician John Legend will guest star during tonight’s episode. While we don’t know which storyline will lead to him gracing our screens, we do know that he’s premiering a new song, “Conversations in the Dark.”

Perhaps Legend’s appearance marks the beginning of Randall’s big mental health storyline, which will involve Pamela Adlon recurring.

Shocking ending in store?

Sterling K. Brown revealed a few weeks ago that the ending to the midseason premiere is a shocking one. Surprise, surprise. Brown noted in his statement that audiences will collectively gasp because we won’t be ready. I’m already grabbing the tissues.

Check out this beautiful Season 4 recap and preview to get prepared for tonight:

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Now that we’ve hyped you up for what’s sure to be a stressful hour, you’re probably wondering how you can watch it live. Below are the live streaming details for tonight, but don’t fret if you won’t be home because Episode 10 will be available on Hulu and NBC’s site the next day.

Date: Tuesday, Jan. 14
Start Time: 9/8 C
Episode: Season 4, Episode 10, “Light and Shadows”
TV Channel: NBC
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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