This Is Us: 5 burning questions after Season 4, Episode 11

This Is Us kicked off Season 4’s trilogy with Randall battling his anxiety. Here are five burning questions we have for the next episode.

Spoiler alert: This articles discusses details from This Is Us Season 4, Episode 11.

This Is Us sure gave us plenty of opportunities to have a good cry in this episode. Randall just couldn’t catch a break, which we knew was coming considering the episode’s title, “A Hell of a Week: Part One.” Now that we know how his encounter with the intruder unfolded, we have a number of questions going forward.

Will Randall seek help?

Randall tried his best to keep his anxiety shut out, but the events of his week proved to be way too much for one person to handle. Malik’s father, Darnell, tried talking Randall into seeking professional help, but Randall insisted on taking care of himself in his own way. After watching Randall break down at the end, we can’t help but wonder if he will actually visit a therapist.

The storyline should naturally progress to that development, meaning Pamela Adlon may in fact be the one to play Randall’s eventual therapist. If that is the case, expect to see her in a few weeks after the trilogy is completed.

Will the intruder return?

This one is probably doubtful, but what if the intruder makes a return? The authorities stressed to Randall and Beth that they need to install a security device to prevent the intruder from breaking in again. The intruder returning would lead to an interesting longer-term story, but let’s hope for Randall’s sake that, unless he returns the stolen jewelry, he stays gone for good.

Is Beth okay?

Randall isn’t the only one dealing with a lot right now. Beth has a lot on her plate between ensuring her children are safe and being Randall’s support system. Beth is also aware of Rebecca’s health issues, which isn’t a great secret to carry. We have to wonder how exactly Beth is feeling at this time. Hopefully she can encourage Randall to get help.

What happened to Kate?

This Randall-centric episode opened up a few questions regarding the rest of The Big Three. During a flashback scene in their teenage years, Randall cancelled a date with Beth due to a family emergency involving Kate. We have to assume this incident with Kate is in regards to her mysterious relationship with Marc. The two were heard having a suspicious phone call earlier, which indicated things weren’t going well. It seems safe to say that we will learn lots more about Kate and Marc in two weeks.

Did Kevin sleep with Sophie?

We now know that “A Hell of a Week: Part Two” will focus on Kevin. His love life is expected to be highlighted, especially after we saw him in bed with a mystery woman. Kevin revealed to Randall that Sophie’s mother died, hence the phone call in the midseason premiere. We know that Kevin dropped everything to go support Sophie, but were the two able to rekindle their love? Will Sophie ultimately become Kevin’s wife again? Expect these questions to be answered in some form during the next episode.

Check out the preview for This Is Us Season 4, Episode 12:

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