This Is Us Season 4 finale episode title revealed: “Strangers: Part II”

TVLine recently reported that the This Is Us Season 4 finale would be titled “Strangers: Part II,” a callback to this season’s premiere that was titled “Strangers.” 

Will everything come full circle in the the This Is Us Season 4 finale? TVLive has revealed that this season’s last episode will be titled, “Strangers: Part II.”

In the Season 4 premiere’s opening scene, Rebecca acknowledged the importance of strangers, after returning from a road trip with Jack, just a week after meeting him:

“It’s so strange, isn’t it? How, just like that, a complete stranger can become such a big part of your story.”

As you’ll remember, the Season 4 premiere introduced us to three strangers: Cassidy, a recently separated former Marine who Kevin meets at a VA hall after Nicky vandalizes it, Malik, a teen dad at Deja’s new school, and the adult Jack Damon.

After spending most of the season trying to occupy himself to maintain his sobriety, it seems Kevin’s realized in part, thanks to Cassidy, that he needs to stop trudging through life and start believing in his future which, as we’ve seen, seems to be taking shape by his 40th birthday, as we learned in Episode 9.

If she returns, it could be possible that they both choose to believe in a future that includes each other. On the flip side, Kevin may decide that he needs to stray from the familiar.

Meanwhile, Kate and Toby are dealing with the challenges presented by baby Jack’s blindness. While Kate’s been holding on, she’s felt Toby pulling away, and her worst fears seem to be confirmed in Episode 10 when Toby tells her that Jack’s disability makes him sad. In Episode 15, after telling Madison about the ultimatum she issued Toby, Madison reminds her what love is all about:

” It’s letting people see the worst part of you without…being scared. […] Shouldn’t Toby be able to express his deepest fears without punishment?”

Yes, Kate’s correct that Toby needs to step up and be the father Jack needs. However, Toby’s fears are valid, and I suspect they aren’t going away overnight. Kate tends to get defensive when conflict arises, but if she can’t learn how to listen and communicate through their toughest times, it’s likely we’ll begin to see their marriage crumble by the finale.

Then, there’s Randall, who’s been hanging by a thread since Rebecca’s diagnosis and finally loses it after the house break-in. Although he decides to attend therapy, his first session doesn’t go over well, and it’s only Beth’s pleading that convinces him to stick it out.

While it seems clear the extent to which Cassidy and Jack play a part in Kevin and Kate’s stories, respectively, I feel that we’ve yet to see the full extent to which Malik plays a part in Randall’s story. Perhaps, by the end of the season, we’ll find Malik in a similar situation to the one we found him in at the beginning of the season, leaving Randall to use his therapy to cope.

One thing’s for certain, each of The Big Three’s old ways of coping aren’t going to cut it anymore. They need to make big changes in their lives if they want to set a path toward a brighter future.

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The This Is Us Season 4airdate is yet to be determined, but This Is Us will return next week on Tuesday, March 10th, at 9pm ET on NBC. 

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