This Is Us Season 4, Episode 17 photos: Randall and Jack visit William?

Ron Cephas Jones returns to This Is Us as William in Season 4, Episode 17. Here’s your first look at William meeting Randall and Jack.

The penultimate episode of This Is Us Season 4 will focus on the “what if” aspects of Randall’s life as he continues therapy. More specially, Episode 17 takes a look at what would have happened had Jack not died in the fire.

These hypothetical scenarios will pave the way for Ron Cephas Jones to reprise his role as William, Randall’s biological father. In fact, early photos released by NBC reveal that Jack accompanies teenage Randall to meet William for what we can assume would have been the first time.

We already know that Randall didn’t actually meet his biological father until his 36th birthday, which aired in the very first episode of This Is Us. I imagine that Randall will tell his therapist that, ideally, he would’ve met William at the time of his 18th birthday with Jack by his side in case things went awry.

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THIS IS US — “After the Fire” Episode 417 — Pictured: Ron Cephas Jones as William — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Because Randall is likely only a teenager at the time of this hypothetical encounter, we can expect to meet a much younger William. In case you’re wondering, this actually won’t be William’s first appearance in Season 4, as he was last spotted in Episode 5.

It will be interesting to see how Randall thinks Jack and William’s meeting would have gone. I doubt there would have been any bad blood. Rather, I could see Jack explaining how Randall came into their family before William explains why he did what he did. There could even be mentions of how Rebecca was in contact with William, unbeknownst to Randall at that time.

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THIS IS US — “After the Fire” Episode 417 — Pictured: (l-r) Niles Fitch as Randall, Milo Ventimiglia as Jack — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Based on the looks on their faces, this meeting could weigh heavy on their minds. It’s also worth pointing out that Randall has his hands wrapped, meaning this would have taken place right after the fire. Did Randall have plans to meet William before Jack passed away? We know how inquisitive Randall was as a child, so it makes sense that he would’ve wanted to contact the man who left him behind at birth.

We can only hope that Randall continues to heal his mind through this therapy journey, though more tears are probably in store. (This is us crying, indeed.)

Check out the promo for “After the Fire” right here:

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Ron Cephas Jones returns as William on This Is Us this Tuesday at 9pm ET on NBC.