This Is Us Season 4 finale: 5 questions after watching the intense promo

The promo for the This Is Us Season 4 finale has us asking lots of questions. Here’s what we know so far.

The time has come, folks. We’re just days away from the Season 4 finale of This Is Us. Who else finds it hard to believe this amazing show has been on the air for four seasons? It’s unfortunate that we’ll run out of new episodes during this time where many of us are stuck at home, but we can be thankful that the show was able to finish producing this season.

As we analyzed before, the Season 4 finale is titled, “Strangers: Part Two.” This is a callback to the season premiere where we met three new strangers: Cassidy Sharp, Malik, and adult Jack Damon. While they weren’t exactly like the three strangers we met in the pilot, who turned out to be The Big Three, they all ended up playing an important role in the Pearson family’s lives this season.

Considering the title, I feel like it’s safe to say that we should meet those three “strangers” once again in the episode. In fact, the nail-biter of a promo for Episode 18 confirms adult Jack Damon will be present. But what about the others? Those aren’t the only questions we have after watching the promo either.

Check out the promo below:

What are Kate and Toby looking at?

Just when we thought things were getting better, it looks like trouble is on the horizon for Kate and Toby. After watching the disturbing looks on their faces a few times, I paused the clip to notice they are in a hospital setting. As you can see just seven seconds in, they are standing in front of a bulletin board that says, “Los Feliz Medical Center – NICU Wall of Fame.”

Are they taking Jack for a check-up? Or is this an emergency situation? We know that the Pearson family is celebrating Jack’s first birthday in this episode. Whatever the case may be, there is something ominous is happening off-screen, and I don’t have a good feeling about it.

Who is adult Jack with?

When we get a glimpse of adult Jack’s appearance, he’s looking at a bed-ridden woman who is being attended to by medical personnel. So, who is this woman?

Based on what was happening when we last saw Jack Damon, the woman is most likely his wife who is in labor. Although, at first glance, I thought it was an elderly Rebecca on her death bed. I’m hoping Episode 18 shows us more of Jack Damon adult life and maybe even more scenes from Rebecca’s farewell.

What are Randall and Kevin arguing about now?

If you thought the brothers were done arguing, guess again. The promo teases another heated encounter between Randall and Kevin as they continue to drift apart. We can assume their argument is in regards to Randall pressuring Rebecca into attending the clinical trial in St. Louis.

We know that Kevin is against it because he wants Rebecca to live out the rest of her life surrounded by family, as opposed to spending her precious time in a medical facility. Will this argument turn physical? Where does Kate truly stand in this debate? Hopefully we get some answers.

Who is the singer?

Adding to the mysteriousness of the promo is the older man singing in the background. His face is revealed at the end, signaling he might be a doctor based on the white coat and business attire. So, whose doctor is he? Many fans believe the doc is Dr. K, the one who was there for Jack and Rebecca when they gave birth. If so, what exactly is he doing in this episode?

Kevin’s fiancée revealed?

This topic isn’t specifically touched on in the promo, but we’re supposed to find out in the finale who Kevin’s future wife is. With the possibility of Cassidy reappearing, the speculation continues that she’s the one, while many in the This Is Us fandom are still rooting for Sophie. My bold prediction is we’ll learn who Kevin marries by way of another flash-forward.

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Be sure to catch the This Is Us Season 4 finale live on Tuesday, March 24, at 9pm ET on NBC.