This Is Us: Justin Hartley reveals more details about Kevin and Randall’s feud

This Is Us star Justin Hartley recently sat down with People Magazine and revealed more details about the Pearson brothers’ feud. With the Season 4 finale just hours away, what will break the their bond? Let’s discuss it!

Justin Hartley dished to People Magazine on what we can expect from Kevin and Randall in the This Is Us Season 4 finale. Is this where the communication stops?

Going back to the midseason finaleThis Is Us fans were hit with two revelations: 1. Rebecca has Alzheimer’s, and 2. Randall and Kevin aren’t speaking by The Big Three’s 40th birthday. Since then, This is Us executive producer Isaac Aptaker has confirmed that Rebecca’s diagnosis is at the heart of the brothers’ feud.

When Randall first learned that Rebecca was having trouble with her memory in Season 4, Episode 8, it was only a matter of time before he took matters into his own hands. Of course, Rebecca didn’t help the situation, by entrusting Randall in Episode 10, to keep news of her condition from Kevin and Kate. When they eventually found out in episodes 13 and 14, respectively, it was no surprise that Kevin, who spent a majority of the season’s first half acting as moral support for Nicky and Cassidy in Bradford, seemed to take the news the hardest.

Tensions between the brothers quickly rose as Randall overstepped his boundaries in Episode 16 to approach Rebecca at Kevin’s movie premiere about a nine-month clinical trial in St. Louis after Kevin had asked him not to. The brothers ended up hashing it out, and it was only after Rebecca told them she wasn’t going to do the trial that Randall let the matter rest. However, after a particularly intense therapy session in Episode 17, Randall decided he couldn’t let the matter go and essentially guilted Rebecca into agreeing to attend.

Of course, this leaves us in a very interesting place come the finale as Kevin has yet to find out about Rebecca’s change of heart.

Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin, told People about the inevitable showdown:

“These two are constantly bickering back and forth. They’ve been arguing their whole lives, and they’ll continue to argue their whole lives. But there is this one thing that happens where it’s a stalemate.”

This should come as no surprise as, especially this season, we’ve seen just how much the brothers’ opinions differ when it comes to how Rebecca should lead her life.

Two weeks ago, we watched as, in the past, Randall scolded Kevin for trying to play matchmaker between Rebecca and Kevin’s acting teacher Kirby. While Randall was adamant that Rebecca wasn’t ready to date just a year after Jack’s death, Kevin believed that she couldn’t mourn him forever and laughed off Randall’s overprotectiveness:

“My God, Randall, she’s a grown woman. You’re gonna spend the rest of your life worrying about Mom?”

This Is Us

THIS IS US — (Photo by: Will Hart/NBC)

The brothers’ relationship has always been riddled with feelings of jealousy and animosity. In Season 1, Episode 7, Kevin told Randall that as kids, he always felt like Randall was trying to show him up. Four years later, I’m inclined to agree with him.

In flashbacks to their childhood, such as in Episodes 14 and 16 of this season, it seems as though Randall’s always flaunted his intelligence, while making fun of Kevin’s seeming lack thereof. Even in adulthood, he’s continued to brush off Kevin’s suggestions regarding Rebecca’s medical care and has been quick to call him undependable. So it’s no surprise that Randall’s taken it upon himself to make a pretty drastic move that’s likely to make Kevin furious, because as Justin Hartley told People:

“They come to a point where it’s like, ‘These are the choices I make and this is how I live my life.’ And the other brother is like, ‘Well Jesus man, I don’t what to tell you. I can’t have that in my life.’“

While it’ll be unfortunate to watch the brother’s relationship get torn apart, the person that I believe will suffer most from the fallout is Rebecca. Right now, she’s of sound mind, able to make her own decisions about what she wants out of her life, and she already has. Now, she’s being guilted into changing her mind and uprooting her life for a clinical trial that’s results are uncertain, which considering that she’s home by The Big Three’s 40th birthday, means I’m not optimistic.

As Randall and Kevin’s feud ramps up, I fear that she’ll get stuck in the middle as both brothers try to prove that they’re “right.”

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How do you think Kevin will take the news? Will this be enough to damage the brothers’ relationship for good? Will Kate take Toby and Jack and run for the hills? Let us know your thoughts!

Be sure to tune in to the This Is Us Season 4 finale tonight at 9pm ET on NBC.